The first year of motherhood was by far the most amazing, tumultuous & enlightening experience I’ve ever had.

When I was growing up & envisioning my future, I never thought I’d be a mother at the age of 30…and a single mother at that.

The past year has taught me many things about life, about giving life, about myself. To sum it up, I’m a badass. I still have a way to go, but I feel much stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life. Maybe motherhood was exactly what I needed to launch myself into my purpose, although my exact calling is still to be determined.

As the light at the end of the tunnel gets a little closer & brighter with each day, I reflect on the top lessons I’ve learned since bringing a life into this world.

  1. It’s okay to be frustrated. It’s not always fun to be a mom. Of course you will always love your child unconditionally, but because we’re all human, we often fall short. Our fuses may ignite & we may become frustrated, sometimes for no reason at all. And that’s okay. It’s hormones, it’s lack of sleep, it’s life. Feel the frustration, but then keep it moving.
  2. A woman’s body is magical.  The physical changes your body goes through during & after pregnancy are astounding. By design, women’s bodies are tough & not one person in this world will ever be able to convince me otherwise. From sleepless nights to breastfeeding at nearly all hours of the day – our bodies are more than enough to sustain a human life. You will never truly know what magic your body is capable of until you have a baby.
  3. Perfect moms are unicorns. Every now & then I see the every day cooking, clean house having, Pinterest recipe pinning, Suzy Homemaker come across my timeline & I think to myself how amazing it must be to have your life together like that. But then I also remember that we don’t know anyone’s entire lives. We don’t know how much she may have struggled to become all of those things. But I guarantee she still struggles in some way. And that’s why there’s no such thing as the perfect mom.
  4. Getting out the house is a pain in the butt & most days I’d rather not. By the time I change her diaper, dress her, chase her around with comb & brush, pack the diaper bag, change the diaper AGAIN, I’m exhausted. And then there’s the whole getting myself ready part. Now you all know why I look like such a bum 80% of the time.
  5. Don’t stop taking your prenatals. I made that mistake. I didn’t commit, even while breastfeeding. While the baby was getting everything she needed, I was quickly being depleted of necessary nutrients that eventually caused physical repercussions.
  6. Mom guilt is a real thing. I feel it on the daily for one reason or another. Whether it’s letting my child cry to sleep because I’m too tired to stay up & rock her, being too hard on myself for familial decisions that I’ve made or guilt about how postpartum depression prevented me from fully enjoying the first several months of motherhood. But sometimes you make the best decision you can at the time.
  7. It’s okay to cry. Please don’t keep it bottled up. Let those tears go. Letting your emotions fester in your mind & spirit will poison not only you but others as well.
  8. It’s also okay to ask for “me time”. I’ll keep saying this again & again, but self-care should be a regular habit you incorporate into your daily life. How can you pour from an empty cup?
  9. Asking for help does not make you an inadequate mother. It truly takes a village. Just because you can’t do it on your own doesn’t make you worthless. It makes you resourceful, powerful & smart.
  10. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do to maintain your sanity. As long as it isn’t illegal (ha!), do what is necessary to maintain your peace of mind. Protect yourself.

These, by far, are not all of the lessons that I learned in my first year of motherhood, but they are certainly the ones that made the most impact. As I will always be a mom now, there are many more lessons to be learned. But I take these with me with each passing day as reminders that no matter the situation, there’s always a lesson in the struggle.

Mamas, tell me some of the important lessons you learned in your first year.

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The first year of motherhood was by far the most amazing, tumultuous & enlightening experience I've ever had. When I was growing up & envisioning my future, I never thought I'd be a mother at the age of 30...and a single mother at that.