As we have already made it to the month of September & fall is making its way into the atmosphere, it’s time for an 18 before 2018 challenge.

Most of us developed goals for 2017 – and some of us just went with the flow.

However, it’s as good a time as any to check in with yourself & make sure that you’re 1) On track with previous goals that you’ve set or 2) End the year with a bang by choosing additional goals to complete specifically before 2018 arrives.

I decided to do the latter. In fact, I was inspired by Kara’s post over at Boho Berry to give it a shot.

Historically, I’ve been really great at setting goals BUT my follow through has always needed some help. I begin with good intentions but due to lack of motivation(for which I haven’t quite determined the root cause), many goals are just left to be archived for another day.

1. Become conversational in Spanish.

Back in the day (aka freshman year of college), I was actually conversational in Spanish. Of course, if you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to get back to practicing so why not start again right now? P.S. – I’ve already signed up for Rosetta Stone. Baby steps.

2. Go to church every Sunday.

I’ve been so blessed, and God continues to bless me. Although I’ve always been a proponent of relationship over religion, church has always been present in my life since I was a child. Previously, it felt forced. I don’t want to go to church to prove anything to anyone. I want to go to church because I genuinely want to learn, worship & fellowship with others of my faith. It’s nice to have finally arrived at that season in my life.

3. Read 1 book per month.

I used to love reading as a child. As an adult, I did not make nearly as much time for it. I’m ready to change that. Working full-time at home with a toddler makes this a pretty realistic goal for me.

4. Transition my toddler to her own bed.

Yep, she still sleeps with me. She gets great sleep at night. Me, on the other hand…

5. Develop a blog plan & system.

I’ve been in & out of the blogger world for a few years. My blog has gone through a few iterations as I find my niche online. I’m still experiencing blogging pains but I always come back to it. And with this blog, I truly have a vision & a passion for it. Developing a plan & blogging system to keep myself accountable, consistent & organized is going to be critical.

6. Pay off Avant loan.

I started taking my debt-free journey seriously in the past few months. I am tired of being a slave to money. This loan is very big but the interest is too damn high! So adios to you.

7. Pay off Victoria Secret credit card.

See #6.

8. Create a morning routine.

I’ve read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod & many other articles that tout the benefits of waking up “early” & having a morning routine to spur productivity. I am not a morning person by nature but having a toddler has changed that some. Now that I work from home, it’s especially important for me to create that time for myself before the circus begins each day.

9. Post to Instagram daily for my blog.

Again, I don’t have an organized blogging system. However, I do want to focus on building my presence & community on Instagram first so it only makes sense to post (& interact with others) daily.

10. Have a photoshoot.

I’ve been having body image issues since my weight has been fluctuating. Since having the baby, my body just hasn’t been the same. I also haven’t put in the proper effort before but I am committed to a healthier lifestyle these days. As credit to myself  (because I don’t give myself enough) & to encourage self-love for the person I am right now, I want to do a photoshoot.

11. Learn to cornrow.

MY daughter has a lot of curly hair. And she hates having me do her hair. The sooner I can master cornrows to create styles that last longer, the happier we’ll both be.

12. Declutter & donate items I no longer need.

My closet is a mess. When I moved back home with my mom, I brought a lot of junk with me – as most children do. It’s time to clear it out & get some sanity back.

13. Pursue hand lettering as a hobby.

Because it’s kind of like therapy. And it’s pretty.

14. Seek out at least 6 women to feature on the blog.

I’m planning to do a monthly series on the blog where I interview women who, of course, are willing to share their stories of dealing with mental health. As a former PPD mama, this is why my blog is so important for me. Our stories need to be shared with the world.

15. Lose 10lbs.

As I pursue a healthier lifestyle, I would love to lose the extra 10lbs that I’ve put on. I realize that as I’m working out & eating better, the number on the scale isn’t that important (unless you are genuinely overweight). To be honest, I’m not even mad at the current number on the scale. But the extra 10lbs would be a great confidence booster – and I’ll be able to comfortably fit in my jeans again.

16. Do a fall protective style challenge.

It’s that time of year again. As I’m back on a healthy hair journey, wigs are gonna be my best friend during the season. I just want to see my hair flourish. And big hair as a result ain’t a bad consequence.

17. Go live on my Facebook page.

I hate public speaking. I hate myself on video. But I need to get my blog’s message out there. And Facebook is where it’s at. Catch me there live very soon.

18. Work out daily!

Even if it’s just a 15 minute HIIT workout, yoga flow…I’m gonna get it in.

So there it is, my 18 before 2018. I’ve got 4 months so it’s time to get rid of the excuses & get it done. Are you with me?

Save for Later <3

As we have already made it to the month of September & fall is making its way into the atmosphere, it's time for an 18 before 2018 challenge. It's as good a time as any to check in with yourself & make sure that you're on track with previous goals that you've set.

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