Summer used to be my absolute favorite season of the year – mainly because I’m a summer baby, also because that good ol’ Vitamin D is life.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate fall more and more. I’m grateful that I live in an area in which I can fully enjoy the transition of season to season. As I’m going through my own transitions, it made me think about the reasons fall is now so near & dear to my heart.

There’s something refreshing about the slightly crisp, fall air.

If you live in the south like me, you’re probably wondering what in the actual world I’m talking about. There’s nothing crisp about the air in the region right now. You’re right. BUT once the weather does begin to cool off, it’s almost like you can breathe again – especially those of us constantly breathing in hot air & allergens.

There is beauty in the release of old things.

Where spring is likened to a rebirth, fall can be symbolic of death. Leaves are quickly changing colors & falling from their life sources. Ordinarily, this would be a depressing thought. But have you ever just taken a moment to engulf yourself in the beauty of the changing colors? The reds, oranges & yellows – increase in beauty just as they pass away. Sometimes there is beauty in letting go of old things. Releasing the things that burden & weigh you down can be one of the most beautiful & rewarding things you can ever do for yourself. Let them go.

The fall hustle is upon us.

The kids are back in school from summer vacation. Daily activity is picking back up. Everyone is back to the grind & hustling even harder now that the year is quickly coming to a close. This is not the time to take a backseat. Grind harder. Work smarter. End the year with a bang & receipts for the haters.

It’s festival season.

I’ve always loved going to arts festivals. As a creative person, I’ve always found the creative expression of others to be inspiring in my own pursuits. Taking in all of the booths, the overpriced festival food, the families enjoying their time together – I’m here for it all. Well, maybe not the overpriced food. Y’all need to cut it with that.

It will forever be a celebration of my daughter’s birth.

More than anything, the fall season embodies the birth of the biggest blessing I have ever received, my daughter. That reason alone is enough to catapult fall to the top of my list. As the leaves fall, my heart explodes with the joy I have for being Baby D’s mother. Celebrating life is what it’s all about.

What is your favorite season? Why?

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Summer used to be my absolute favorite season of the year - mainly because I'm a summer baby, also because that good ol' Vitamin D is life. However, as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate fall more and more for a few reasons.