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About Me

From Rashida, With Love was created with a focus on lifestyle, mental health & overall wellness in the spirit of living life on your own terms & doing what makes you (& keeps you) healthy & happy. And doing it all with love.

My intent is to foster sisterhood & to open up the conversation of what it means to be well, live well & love yourself in the process. I want to continue the conversation about women & healthwomen & mental health, and write about living life as fully as possible.

I’m not a therapist. I’m not a medical professional. I’m not a health coach or nutritionist. I’m just a single mama over here trying to get it “right” – and that may be different for everyone. And I f*ck up often when it comes to wellness & healthy living. We all gotta start somewhere.

This is my story, my testimony. From me, with love.