Happy Valentine’s Day!

From what I’ve noticed & even from what I’ve personally experienced in the past, a lot of the focus on Valentine’s Day is on romantic relationships – couples celebrating their love on this one special day.

However, this year I celebrate my very special Valentine, the one who made me a mother. 

It’s easy to feel sad & lonely as a single person on Valentine’s Day. But moving forward, I’m not going to focus on my singleness. I’m going to focus on love…period. And the love of my daughter is unconditional, which is the best kind.

Before I became a mother, other mothers around me always mentioned how having a child is like having your heart outside of your body.

I never really understood the magnitude of that statement until it was my turn.


heart outside of my body

When you become a mother, you feel all of the best things in the world. Literal, pure & real love. Happiness. Joy. Pride. Sense of purpose. Sense of responsibility.

You also feel some of the worst things in the world.




Not feeling like a good enough mom.

Depression (in some cases).

When my daughter is with me, my heart wants to explode every second of every minute.

When my daughter isn’t with me, my heart wants to explode every second of every minute.

To think that I will literally be full of emotion for the rest of my life is exhausting. It’s overwhelming. And some days I wish I didn’t feel anything because I underestimate myself & how much I can handle all of the negative feelings, the separation anxiety that I always feel.

But then every time I look into my daughter’s eyes, every single one of those feelings is more than worth it.

So to my Valentine, thank you for this journey. Thank you for making me feel, for making me love again.

Another Valentine's Day has come, and this year I'm more than grateful for my forever Valentine, my daughter. Being a mother has been an exercise in emotions, and the greatest emotion that I feel with her is love.